Ambassadors Info Page



- We will need a minimum of 2 Hi Definition photos per week of your store featuring the chairs to use for our socials. These need to be added to your folder on our systems dropbox. (You will be allocated this following acceptance of our agreement) You can upload more if you choose, we are trying to push you and your business so the more quality photos the better!

- A 1 off Hi Def Video featuring your store. This needs to showcase your fitout and chairs
and be reflective of your own brand. The video needs to run for 30 seconds minimum and no more than 2min total. This will be added to your stores Ambassador profile on our website and Social profiles. It is essential this is filmed in the highest quality and

- A jpg or png with transparent background of your company logo.

- A small write-up of who you are as a company and the experience you have in the
industry (short biography). We can assist with the write-up if you bullet-point a few highlights. (Years in the industry, why you started barbering etc)

- We will need a designated contact with phone number and name to pass on to potential customers so they may contact you to arrange a suitable time to look at your store. This may be featured on our website as well under your Ambassador profile.

We need your honest feedback. This is an integral part of our business, and as an
Ambassador we need any feedback good or bad on any products you have from us to
ensure we are building the best possible barber brand and making earning money
through our Ambassadors program me as easy as possible for you.


- When customers use your Ambassador code to make a purchase they will receive 5% off the total purchase price and you as the Ambassador will receive a 5% kickback of the total purchase price! This will be paid by us via bank transfer at the end of each month. This should incentivise the customer and your team to remember to give the code! This is including phone orders and not restricted to online orders only. Remember if we don't receive the code we wont know that you have seen the customer and you wont receive your commission.

- Ambassadors stores will get featured on our website and socials. This will include being featured on our paid advertising from time to time as well as general social posts & blogs.

- We have limited number of Ambassadors per city and per product which means higher earning potential for you. We are restricting the exclusivity for our Ambassador programme to ensure we build a long-term relationship with you and your business