Barber Chairs & Their Role

Barber Chairs & Their Role

So many times we prioritize an elaborate fit-out and disregard the finer details, nothing I repeat nothing is more important in your shop than your barber chairs.

I would rate their importance as high if not higher than the quality of haircut you provide..

This may sound crazy however having something eye-catching creates a desire to try something out.

Lets compare this to a night out on the town.. if you are chasing girls or guys in one night you will generally (if given the choice) go for the more attractive option.. #FACTS

Prior to being self-proclaimed barber chair gurus we were/are barbers and understand the difference eye-catching detail makes.

If you have the eye-for-detail with your haircuts why would you sell yourself short with mediocre looking equipment?

If your chairs look a million bucks you look a million bucks the psychology is simple!